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Indahnya ILMU

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some pe0ple d0esn't realise that their religion's education n0t c0mpleted yet...even in the practical secti0n they failed t0 did it... 
what I want to shared with y0u is the kifayah's education secti0n that many pe0ple n0t fucusing on it.
Solat jenazah+kapankn jenazah+mndikan jnazah are we mastered in it???
even "silence" also d0es not include in the mastering group...
so, mhasabah blek 0ur mind...
c0me watch this video and y0u will understand it...

bykkn doa jgak tk mak ayah..=)

p/s: klu ad kem sal pngurusan jenazah k r0ger2 r cni ea..=)

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